"Forest of Memories"

Newspace Arts Foundation, Hue - Vietnam - 3 April to 23 May

An installation of 11 banners of silk organza, suspended from the ceiling, each 280 x 90cm, acting as a forest of trees amongst which the viewers is able to meander. My concept of "memories" relates to the memories held by elferly people, whose images will be on the banners. These memories are evoked by the second/ tattoo/ background layer of each image, which is partly embroidered. The memory side of my project is reinforced by 3 video interviews projected on 3 additional "blank" silk banners to serve as screens as well as 3 plasma TVs.


Theme specific works were produced for these two group shows

"Chemical Agent"

The Library Art Space, North Fitzroy - Melbourne - 25 May to 19 June

An exhibition by A-17P (Artists of the 17th Parallel) - Mai Long, Dominic Golding, Kelly Manning, Van Thanh Rudd and Kristine McCarroll as guest artist.

Five artists linked by war raise questions on the usage of chemical warfare from WWII to today's conflict in the Middle East.

"Clouding the Issue"

An Ultimo Project members exhibition, Marrickville - Sydney -23 to 25 July.


"The Not Too P.C ! series"

Galerie Marie Laure de l’Ecotais, Paris (France) - 5 March to 5 April.

This show includes some of the censored "G8 series" works, as well as new "not too politically correct" works, produced in 2008.


"The G8 series"
This whole body of work was censored in Vietnam by the Ministry of Culture in 2007

"The Good Ole Times in the Colonies"
Art Exhibition at the Art Vietnam Gallery, Hanoi (Vietnam)

"Le temps beni des colonies"
Galerie Marie Laure de l’Ecotais, Paris (France)


"Le Temps Beni des Colonies"
Art Exhibition at the Goethe-Institut Hanoi in co-operation with Art Vietnam Gallery (Vietnam)

"Le Temps Beni Des Colonies"
Paddington Contemporary Gallery, Paddington - Sydney (Australia)


"Les Intemporelles"
Paddington Contemporary Gallery, Paddington - Sydney (Australia)

"Take a Vow"
SAUC Gallery, Surry Hills - Sydney (Australia)



"Sensuelle et Sans Suite"
Alliance Francaise , Sydney (Australia)